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Finecut, the practical fruit and vegetable cutter from Fissler.

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For cutting, spin-drying, mixing and keeping fresh. Finecut cuts vegetables such as onions and carrots and also fruit and fresh herbs in a jiffy. It also allows you to spin-dry fresh herbs, blend soups, sauces and gravies and keep cut food fresh.

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Simply innovative.
The cutting system functions without electricity and is easy to operate. You only need to pull the pull mechanism several times and a few seconds later everything has been cut perfectly.

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It couldn't be easier.
Put the cable between five and twenty times for perfect results in just a few seconds depending on the desired coarseness or fineness.

Cleaned in a flash.
Simply wipe the stay-fresh lid and the lid with the pull mechanism with a moist cloth - and put all the other parts in the dishwasher.

Accessories included.
The practical accessories make Finecut a real all-rounder: spinner basket, mixer inset, spatula and stay-fresh lid.

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